Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tracer Cosplay by Kaitlyn Siragusa (Amouranth)

Tracer Cosplay - Amouranth

Tracer is from the Overwatch Video Game. 

With a unique ability to control the speed of her own passage through time, Tracer zips and blinks around the battlefield, eluding attackers and sneaking past defenses. 

A perfect skirmisher hero, Tracer is fragile but hard to hit, keeping one step ahead of her attackers while she harasses and harries the enemy team. 

Tracer excels at getting behind enemy lines, but it is inadvisable to move her through chokepoints. Should she find herself blinking into an ambush, she can rewind time to her position and state a few seconds earlier, giving her a second chance.

Tracer conceptually began with the idea of a hero that blinked across the map. She was one of the first three heroes developed for the game, alongside Reaper and Widowmaker. She is likened her to Spider-Man.

Currently, Tracer is the 'mascot character' of Overwatch, and its centerpiece hero. She has been called the "Rosetta Stone" of the game. Her design used to include a jacket.

Cosplayer: Amouranth Cosplay Kaitlyn Siragusa
Photos taken at Stan Lee's LA Comic Con 2016, Los Angeles Convention Center