Saturday, September 10, 2016

Xerneas Pokemon Cosplay - Kamui Kate

Xerneas, Pokemon Gijinka by Kamui Kate

Xerneas is a blue and black, quadrupedal, stag-like cervine Pok√©mon with an eight-horned set of antlers extending out from its head, four on each side. This is a gijinka cosplay of the pokemon character. 

Cosplayer: Kamui Kate of 775 Cosplay
Photo from Anime Expo 2016

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Project Alice by Tatiana DeKhtyar

Project Alice, Resident Evil

“I became different. Powerful. Unstoppable. As I got stronger, the human race became weaker. I tried my best to lead what survivors I could find to safety, but we were pursued relentlessly.” - Alice 

Project Alice was an Umbrella Corporation experiment. During the experiments, she was deliberately infected with the t-virus, and something unexpected happened. Alice's DNA bonded with the virus on a cellular level, adapting and changing with it. Resulting in her strength and speed increased. 

Cosplayer: Tatiana DeKhtyar
Photo from Wondercon 2016
Manny Llanura Photography…

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Yoko Littner by Genevieve Marie

Yoko Littner Gurren Lagann by Genevieve Marie

    The lead female character from the Anime Series Gurren Lagann is Yoko Littner. She has red hair, amber eyes and curvy figure.

    This is her outfit in first season, she occasionally had lightly tanned skin due to spending most of her time outdoors in the sun and commonly wore a leather black and red flame-designed bikini top with black rubber-leather short-shorts, and a white studded belt.

    Yoko wore baby pink thigh-high socks and white mid-calf zip-up boots designed with red flames emerging from her grey soles.

    She also wore black open-knuckled half-gloves complete with round wrist pieces studded with spherical yellow studs.

    Around her neck, Yoko wore a tall white and pink patterned scarf with thin red stripes in which she was shown to keep a magazine for her gun.

    In lieu of signature headwear, Yoko wore a white cracked skull hair accessory on the left side of her head as well two yellow chopsticks that kept her hair up, the latter of which also doubled as weapons.

    Photos taken during Anime Expo 2016.

Character: Yoko Littner
Series:  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Cosplayer:  Genevieve Marie